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What have we been up to?

apc was at the AKKODiS Digital Manufacturing Tech Day on 29.09.2022

The event was a great success. There were some customers from the automotive industry present and many interesting AKKODiS partners. Presentations were given on the following topics: Predictive Analytics / Predictive Maintenance in practice. Increasing plant efficiency with ML-based services – without own Data Science experts. MBSE as a path to the digital twin Trusted […]

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apc extends teamwork with Akkodis

AKKODiS is a global leader in Smart Industry and works with its customers in four service areas covering a wide range of customer needs: from talent management and training, to consulting and solutions, to complete project execution. AKKODiS meets the technology and talent needs of today’s customers and anticipates tomorrow’s challenges.

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apc attends Innovating Industry Forum on 20 October 2022 | Porto, Portugal

A forum organized by Controlar Group with the support of institutional partners and sponsors to stimulate discussion and debate on the latest innovation advances and successful innovation policies, and to give participants the opportunity to discover how to collaborate and promote knowledge transfer in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. The theme of this year’s edition […]

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