apc visits the world’s leading trade fair EMO Hannover, Germany.

Exhibitors from all areas of metalworking technology will be coming to EMO Hannover. With approx. 60 percent international exhibitors, EMO Hannover is a pioneer for metalworking trade fairs worldwide. As the world's leading trade fair, it is the meeting place of the highest competence of suppliers and users. EMO Hannover is the only trade fair to open up the globalised markets all over the world - and this in the middle of Germany, one of the most important customer countries.

For a long time now, exhibitors have focused their innovation cycles on the world's leading trade fair EMO Hannover; no other trade fair for metalworking shows so many innovations. This is why decision-makers in the field of production technology orient themselves on EMO Hannover.

As the world's leading trade fair, EMO Hannover is unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its range of products and services across all production areas of machine tools and production systems. The spectrum ranges from machining and forming as the nucleus of production, precision tools, accessories and control technology, system elements and components for production automation to interlinking devices and industrial electronics.

The trade and decision-making competence of the trade fair visitors is just as unrivalled. They travel from all over the world to see for themselves the unparalleled innovation potential of productivity and efficiency.

The world's leading trade fair EMO Hannover is organised by VDW ( Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken) based in Frankfurt am Main on behalf of Cecimo (European Committee for Cooperation in the Machine Tool Industry).


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