We look back at the Economic Company Mission to Trieste, Italy and Ljubljana, Slovenia from December 8th to 12th, 2019 kindly organised by the Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg.

This economic mission gave Automotive Parts Consulting SARL the great opportunity to meet other very interesting Luxembourgish companies and what is more important the luxemburgish entrepreneurs behind them.

The trip started off in Luxembourg and lead to Trieste, giving the apc team the chance to see a great Italian city with an adorable port of Trieste displaying a fantastic view of the Alps across the bay area. The city was wonderfully decorated for the Christmas festivities.

We met very enthusiastic and highly professional Italian companies, entreprenuers and statesmen welcoming us in the friendliest way to partner with them in order to promote business within Europe.

We headed on to Slovenia making acquaintace of other equally interesting companies and entrepreneurs. This experience did indeed give us a first taste of what Slovenian friendliness and hospitality really mean. Superb!

The cities of Trieste and Ljubljana and their people are beautiful and can be proud of their historical heritage, especially in the context of a united Europe. These two cities might be geographically speaking small, nevertheless, they can be looked upon as representing two trully European cities with a will to partner with the rest of Europe and contribute to a healthy economy.

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